Capstone Manufacturing's partners have more than 30 years experience in new product development, technical packaging, manufacturing and quality, as well as expertise in supply of custom and stock packaging components, turn key products and exceptional supply chain services.  We are flexible and pride ourselves on being a strong advocate for the success of our customers.


Our expertise

Capstone Mfg provides innovative packaging solutions to the Skincare, Cosmetics, Fragrance and Spirits industries

Our Mission

It is our mission to transcend the traditional customer supplier relationship, to be more than a manufacturer and producer of packaging components.  Every day, we at Capstone Manufacturing strive to use our unique talents to improve not only the product, but the process and our customer's experience in achieving that product.  We are honest, ethical and work every day to be a proactive advocate for our customers, and their success.

Why is Capstone different?

  • We are much more than just a provider of high quality caps and components at a great price.   We understand the challenges you and your team face every day.  We have spent the majority of our careers on the "Customer side of the desk".
  • We have exceptional developmental and technical packaging skills and provide expertise around all aspects of development. ie: we know bottles, pumps, jars, caps, labels, cartons, etc.  
  • Because we have broad developmental, technical, process and quality experience, we can work with your team to anticipate and address issues that other suppliers might not see.  Our partners have extensive experience in sourcing components and developing products for large and small companies.  
Capstone Manufacturing demonstrates a level of commitment to customer success that is refreshing and unparalleled.
— Brian Ridgeway, customer